Make crimp connectors

Tools needed:
Wire strippers (or side cutters or knife if you are careful)
Crimping tool
Needle-nose pliers

Ribbon cable (or other hookup wire, 22-26 AWG)
Connector housings
Crimp pins


Crimp tool closeup.
The crimp pins come on a carrier strip.
 Cut the strip half way between two pins, leaving the carrier strip attached.
 Strip away 3mm of insulation from the wire.  Twist the exposed strands.
 Load the wire into the crimp pin as shown, using the carrier strip to hold it. Notice there are two sets of tabs on the pin, line the wire up with the insulation in the back set, and the bare wire in the front set.
 Use the end of the crimp tool to gently mash the tabs a bit so they will fit into the die.

 Put the pin into the crimp tool with the tabs facing into the die. To line it up put the pin far enough into the crimp tool that the carrier strip touches the side of the tool. Squeeze hard...Give it the Fireman grip. ; )
 Almost there. ;)
 Mash the tabs crimped onto the bare wire with the needle nose pliers to ensure reliable contact. Do not squeeze too hard or the pin will bend.
 Bend the carrier strip away from the wire towards the pin a couple of times to break it loose.  It is scored to break clean in the right place when bent.
 Turn the pin so that the catch on the pin lines up with the catch on the connector housing, and slide the pin in until it locks.  If it does not want to lock in check the latch orientation and make sure the pin is straight.  The pin should easily slide in and lock with very little force.