R4 AIN Module

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Live Board Map:
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Parts List:
MBHP AIN parts list (last update: 03-2007)
| Loc.  | Description                        | Qty |
| IC1-4 | CD 4051 BE                         |  4  |
| IC1-4 | IC-Sockets for multiplexers        |  4  |
| C1-4  | Ceramic Cap 100nF=.1uF "104"       |  4  |
| Jxx-- | 2-row DIL Headers (68 pins)        |  -  |
1.  The above pinheader counts are for recommended configuration, other loadings
    will change this count.  See the live board map above for the recommended
    connector placement.

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PCB Quick View:

Detail Description                                                         
Analog inputs of the 4051 multiplexers. Have to be connected with the sliders of pots/faders, or can also be used as CV input (0V/5V), see also the MIDIbox Extensions Page. All unused analog inputs have to be clamped to ground (Vss), otherwise your MIDIbox will send out a lot of random MIDI events!
Interface to J5 of the core module. J5:Vs and J5:Vd are the power pins, J5:A0..J5:A3 are the analog outputs of the multiplexers. If you leave out a 4051, clamp the appr. analog input (J5:A0, ... J5:A3) to ground in order to avoid random MIDI events.
Interface to J6 of the core module. These are the address pins of the multiplexers which allow the MIDIbox to select one of eigth inputs, the appr. signal will be routed to the output of the 4051. Connection matrix: AINX4 J6:A -> CORE J6:RC AINX4 J6:B -> CORE J6:SC AINX4 J6:C -> CORE J6:SI The other two pins of J6 of the core module (J6:Vd and J6:Vs) don't have to be connected with the AINX4 module.
Power supply pins for the pots/faders.
Remember to avoid ground loops!

Size: 100mm x 45mm
Double sided PCB design.
Plated through holes.
Green LPI solder mask both sides.
Electroless nickle/immersion gold pad plating. (RoHS compliant)
White topside legend silkscreen.
No jumpers.
Electrically tested.
FR4 laminate.

Changes from R3 PCB:
Reordered J6 for easier wiring to CORE (now 1:1)
Routed ground plane to eliminate vias
C1-C4 Moved closer to 4051's
C1-C4 Changed to use 2.5mm or 5.0mm lead spacing

For complete technical info and instructions see www.midibox.org