MIDIbox Hardware Platform
R2 JDM Module

Live Board Map:

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Parts List:

MBHP JDM R2 Orderlist (last update: 08-2004)
| Loc.  | Description                                  | Qty   | Mouser Part #      |
| R1-2  | Resistor 10 kOhm                             |     2 | 291-10K            |
| R3    | Resistor 1.5 kOhm                            |     1 | 291-1.5K           |
| D1-4  | Diode 1N4148                                 |     4 | 78-1N4148          |
| D5    | 8.2V Zener Diode                             |     1 | 78-1N4738A         |
| D6    | 5.1V Zener Diode                             |     1 | 78-1N4733A         |
| C1    | Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF (8mmDIA-3.5mmLS)|     1 | 140-HTRL35V100     |
| C2    | Electrolytic Capacitor 22uF (5mmDIA-2mmLS)   |     1 | 140-HTRL16V22      |
| Q1-2  | Transistor BC547A, or BC547B, or BC547C      |     2 | 625-BC547A         |see note 1
| IC1   | IC-Socket for PIC                            |     1 | 571-3902625        |
| J1    | 9 pin serial connector, female               |     1 | 152-3409           |
| ----- | 1:1 COM (RS232) cable --- same as LTC!       |     1 | 172-0906           |
| J2    | 2-row SIL Headers (10 pins) OPTIONAL         |     1 | 517-2380-6221TN    |see note 3
| ----- | Ribbon cable per foot                        |     1 | 517-3365/16FT      |see note 2
1:  Outside Europe the BC547 is hard to find (Mouser has it), the 2N3904 is a good replacement
    But note that the outer pins (E and C) are exchanged - you have to upturn the
    transistor to get the E, B, C pin matching with the PCB
2.  The ribbon cable is only listed here for those who don't already have some.
3.  You only need to install J2 and the long jumper wires if you need in circuit programming,
    Current MIDIbox designs don't use/need this.
4.  Dimensions found after the capacitor values correspond to fit SmashTV's PCB layouts 
    (13mmDIA-5mmLS=13mm diameter casing with 5mm lead space between holes for the pins)

PCB: (Required jumpers shown in Red)

Construction Tips:

This guide shows the JDM without J2 and two long jumpers that are only needed
for in circuit programming (which the MIDIbox no longer uses).
Leaving off the J2 connector makes it much easier to get the PIC in and out of the socket.
If you want in circuit programming for other projects see This page
for build images that show the jumpers/connector.

First install your jumpers: (locations shown in Red)

As you can see with some of the resistor and jumpers, they won't go in
easily after the sockets are installed:

Design Modifications:
Newer computers usually need some tweeking to make the JDM work correctly.
See this page under Troubleshooting for info.

This JDM board was originally designed to support PIC16F87x devices.
For the 18F452 you must add a 10k pull down resistor between ground/Vss and RB5/PIC pin 28:

(Top down)

Extra 10k resistors are included in the kits, and are commonly installed like this
on the underside of the PCB:


Module Parts Order List PCB Artwork Quick-view
MBHP_JDM_R2 JDM_R2orderlist.txt JDM_R2.pdf JDM_R2qv.gif

Changes from V2 PCB:
Some small trace/component moves for better routing
Green LPI solder mask
HASL pad plating
White topside legend silkscreen

For complete technical info and instructions see www.midibox.org